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About Us

Who we are…

Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company is a 100% volunteer organization that has been serving North-Central Baltimore County since 1909.  As volunteers, we commit to the same vigorous training requirements and operate under the same expectations as our counterparts in the career service.   All of our active members are certified in fire ground and hazardous materials operations as well as emergency medical care.  Most important, though, is our dedication to expanding and improving upon our ability to serve through additional coursework, company training, and education on the latest technologies and procedures in emergency response. 

Comprised of over 100 active members, our ranks are gleaned from across the occupational spectrum of the community; carpenters, doctors, plumbers, students, businessmen, and even career firefighters unite in service by protecting the people and property of their community.

Who we serve…

We are one of 35 volunteer fire companies that works alongside 24 career stations to provide an integrated network of emergency response for Baltimore County.  Responding to emergencies in residences, businesses, and industrial sites, LVFC protects and serves 30,000 people over 45 square miles, including the communities of Lutherville, Timonium, Towson, Stoneleigh, and Ruxton. In the immediate vicinity, we respond as the “first due” company, which means LVFC is the main station responsible for the emergency.  We are also responsible for assisting other companies over a broader area for rescues and fire suppression.

How we serve…

Over the years the volume of calls we respond to has increased dramatically from 1,642 in 2001 to more than 1,904 in 2005.  We have also been dispatched on a greater variety of calls, including:

  • Structural fires involving residences and businesses
  • Medical emergencies, i.e. cardiac arrests, trouble breathing, and traumatic injuries
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Rescue situations involving people trapped
  • Assisting members of the community with non-emergency calls, i.e. falls, floods, and downed power lines

Because we are one of few stations to be equipped for “Heavy Rescue” and our strategic location near the junction I-695 and I-83, we are often called to severe accidents throughout the area using our specialty truck, Squad 303.  This vehicle is equipped with heavy-duty cutting and spreading tools as well as a hydraulic crane that allows us to respond to severe accidents with people trapped involving a variety of vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, and tractor-trailers.

In addition to our delivery of emergency service, LVFC strives to support and establish a positive presence in the community by participating in local events such as the Towson 4th of July parade, the Towsontown Festival, and community block parties.  In an effort to continue educating our community about fire safety, we also hold fire engine and rescue vehicle displays for school programs as well as private birthday parties with a fire safety education.  During the holiday the season, we also deliver Santa Claus through our communities.

How you can help us serve…

Lutherville is always looking for hard working and dedicated people to volunteer their time and energy.  If you would like to become part of our dynamic organization and give back to your community, please visit our Recruitment link and download an application today